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Sanding Disc Master Page

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Resin fiber discs are used with right angle grinders or sanders.  They require a backup pad.  The discs are attached to the pad with a nut that goes through the disc arbor hole.

Resin Fiber Discs 

Hook & loop AO paper discs are used on dual action DA sanders or straight rotation tools.  They attach to the backup pad on the tool with a Velcro connection.  Usually used on wood or metal.

Hook & Loop Sanding Discs 

Hook & loop SC paper discs are wet/dry silicon carbide for use on granite/marble/ stone type materials.  They have a center hole for use with water feed tools.

H&L Silicon Carbide Discs

PSA AO paper discs are adhesive backed and attach to a backup pad with plain vinyl surface.  Aluminum oxide for wood or metal sanding

PSA Paper Discs 

PSA SC paper discs are adhesive backed wet/dry silicon carbide discs that attach to a backup pad with plain vinyl surface.  Silicon carbide for use on granite/marble like material.

SC PSA Discs 

Cloth PSA discs (pressure sensitive adhesive) discs are heavier than paper PSA discs and are typically used on stationary tools.

Cloth PSA Disc 

Quick change sanding discs attach to rubber holders with a simple twist on/off action.

Quick Change Sanding Disc 

Wavy edge hook and loop sanding discs.  Ideal for wood turning projects.

Wavy Edge Sanding Discs 

Flap Discs - Out last resin fiber discs by 15-20 times.

Kasco Flap Disc 

Semi-Flex Discs Use for heavy stock removal and weld blending.

Semi-Flex Disc

Trim-Kut discs - Discs with polymer plastic back for long life.

Trim-Kut Discs

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