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Safety & Technical Information

All abrasive products must be used carefully with full concern for safety.  The documents presented on this page are intended to provide you with information to better select products to accomplish your job, and to use them safely.

Bonded Abrasives - Grinding & Cutting Wheels

Bonded abrasives are hard shapes like grinding wheel, cut-off wheels, flared cups, plugs, cones, and mounted points.  For a general descripton of the shapes and types as well as their intened uses click here for Bonded Abrasives - General Information.  This document also discusses some of the troubleshooting issues you may face.

It is important that bonded abrasives as well as coated abrasives be used safely.  Please read this safety sheet before using any abrasive products.  Do & Don't Safety List

Coated Abrasives

Coated abrasives are defined as either cloth or paper products.  This includes items like sanding discs, sanding belts, flap wheels, flap discs, sheets, cartridge rolls among others.  While coated abrasives do not pose quite the safety concerns of bonded abrasives, they too can be dangerous if used incorrectly.  With discs be sure to use a proper backup pad and to mount on a tool whose maximum speed does not exceed the speed rating on the pad.  Flap discs and flap wheels also have maximum allowable speed ratings that should be obeyed.

SDS Sheet

Download SDS sheet for bonded and coated abrasives

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