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Grinding Wheel Products

We offer a broad selection resin bond abraisves for grinding and cutting.

T-27 Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

These wheels are typically 1/4" thick for grinding with right angle grinders.

T-27 Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

T-27 Cutting Wheels

Depresssed center wheels 1/8" thick used primarily for cutting.

T-27 Cutting Wheel

T-28 Grinding Wheels

T-28 grinding wheels are saucer shaped like the diagram right, and are used for heavy grinding with right angle grinders.

T-28 Shape

Slice-It Thin Wheels for Right Angle Grinders

Slice-It wheels are available in both depressed center T-27 and flat T-1 styles.  They are used for cutting.

Slice-It Wheels

Bench Grinder Wheels

Our bench grinder wheels are resin bond for strong performance and rapid stock removal.

Bench Grinding Wheel

Small 2" - 4" Grinding Wheels

These small diameter grinding wheels are used on straight grinders for a variety of applications.

Small T-1 Grinding Wheels

T-11 Flared Cups

T-11 flared cups are used on right angle grinders for heavy stock removal.  Available for use with most materials.

T-11 Flared Cup

T-6 Straight Sided Cups

T-6 straight sided cups are used mostly for grinding concrete, granite, and marble like materials.

T-6 Straight Cup

Terrazzo Grinding Stones

Available in most of the common shapes and grits

Terrazzo Stone

Mounted Points

Available in the common "A", "B", and "W" shapes.

Mounted Points

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